Promotes Sexual Vitality and Emotional Well Being

  • Supports Healthy Energy & Stamina
  • Supports a Healthy Libido
  • Promotes Positive Mood

Damiana Benefits - More Than Just an Aphrodisiac!

Damiana is a plant found in deep southern Texas, and it has been used in ritual and folk healing since before the founding of the United States. It is best known to most people today as an aphrodisiac that increase sexual pleasure and performance for both men and women. However, there are many other damiana benefits that occasional and regular users of the plant might enjoy. If you are considering using damiana for the first time or just want to get more out of your current regimen, consider these facts about the many uses of this fascinating plant -- now frequently taken as a capsule.

The most common damiana benefits have to do with sexual potency and enjoyment. Many people report nearly immediate results in terms of their ability to perform, and take damiana thirty minutes or so before an encounter is expected. The plant’s effects increase the level of oxygenation in the blood, particularly in the genitals, and may create a mild and mellow “boost” of energy -- unlike the jittery energy of caffeine. Working together, these two effects are quite stimulating. It has also been recently discovered that damiana is a central nervous system relaxant, which may increase the ability to relax and enjoy the sexual experience.

Although they are less well known, there are many other damiana benefits that might be helpful to you. Now that damiana is known to be a CNS relaxant, its effects are much better understood by both medical professionals and casual herbalists. If taken regularly, damiana will reduce your anxiety and stress levels. The effect is not pronounced or distracting, but rather relaxing and mellow -- much like the feeling many people get after meditating. Since this is a positive, pleasant feeling that leaves the mind clear and fresh, damiana can also be used on the short term to help treat mild depression.

Many people can enjoy damiana benefits simply by having it once in a while, for example before enjoying sex. Side effects are very limited and are not encountered by the vast majority of those who use damiana. Instead, regular damiana use can actually sharpen and heighten the positive effects associated with occasional use. Many people have reported that daily use of a small or moderate dose of damiana actually helps them to perform longer in bed on the long term. Likewise, the mood elevating effects of the damiana plant may become more lasting when your body has had time to adapt to the compounds.